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Why Choose Anna Madison Photography

There's thousands of photographers out there. So why should you trust us with your most important moments and memories? 

Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision

To provide high quality services by creating genuine connections with clients to capture the once-in-a-lifetime moments and honest emotions to tell their story in a way that is unique to their narrative so they can cherish their memories for a lifetime.

Dedicated to providing high quality photography and design services, creating and capturing genuine and heartfelt moments and memories, and delivering unique and meaningful photographs and services to every client. 


Our Experience

We know that these days photographers are a dime a dozen! With technology advancing faster than we can blink and affordable high quality cameras there's no stopping just about everyone from becoming a professional. It's a trendy gig and it's one of the most fun and rewarding jobs out there! Who wouldn't want to jump on this bandwagon? 

At Anna Madison Photography, this isn't just a passing craze for us or a way to make an extra buck. This is our passion and what gets us out of bed in the morning!

Not only through their own ventures but with experience on the photography and administrative side of Disney's Fairy Tale Weddings, Photopass, and ESPN, our photographers know the ins and outs of the industry in ways that many won't have the opportunity to see. They have diverse backgrounds with various weddings, portraits, and other subjects, and have dealt with just about whatever you can think of.  

Owner/Lead Photographer

While all of our photographers have at least five years of professional photography under their belt, our owner and primary photographer, Madi Copeland, has been an established wedding professional photographer since 2011. She's worked with a huge variety of clients, vendors, other photographers and even elite teams like the Fine Art Photography team at Walt Disney World. With formal training in school for photography and countless mentors and idols, Madi never stops learning and growing. 

For the last seven years, Madi has devoted 110% of her energy and focus to actively pursuing photography and can't imagine a life where she doesn't get to wake up and capture special moments every day. 

Learn more about Madi here >

With all the experience our team offers, we have had the pleasure and opportunity to work with various vendors, other creatives, and all varieties of clients. While we specialize in lifestyle and wedding photography, there isn't much that we haven't photographed which means we're prepared for just about anything you throw at us. 


Our Values


No one wants any service or product that they can't trust, but at Anna Madison Photography we want our clients to not only trust our brand, but trust that their photographer genuinely wants to create the best possible product for them. All of our core values boil down to this first value and work to establish a genuine and dependable relationship so at the end of the day you know that you can count on us to provide top tier services and goods. 


It's the Golden Rule and how we were all raised: treat others how you want to be treated! We want all of our clients and those we interact with the know that no matter what they believe, how they appear, or what they look like, we have the utmost respect for them, and we believe that goes both ways! By respecting our clients wishes, privacy, and time we are able to capture genuine moments that they can cherish for the rest of their lives. 


Anyone can take a picture, but great photographs come from a genuine connection between a photographer and their subject. We believe in more than just pushing a couple buttons and sending you your photos. Every client we have we consider family, and that connection is visible in our photographs. 


Anna Madison Photography is committed to providing high-quality, top tier photographs and services. If you aren't happy with your results, we aren't either. While we can't fix everything, we'll always do whatever we can to make sure that your experience with us is the best it can be. 


We don't believe in hidden fees, surprise clauses, or fine print. Every session we do, no matter how small, comes with a contract that explains all the details. If there is ever a question or issue, we urge you to reach out! If you're unhappy with any terms or conditions of your contract we're more than happy to negotiate, and we will never hide any rules or regulations!

Full Service

Full Service Photography

At Anna Madison Photography we know that your options for photographers are endless. We believe that by offering our clients more than just a photographer that we can provide a full service that doesn't stop when the shutter closes.

Complimentary Consultations

Not sure if we're the right fit? Have a very specific direction and vision for your photography? Or maybe you just want to get to know our team a little more before your shoot? We get it! All of our services include up to three complimentary consultations before and after your session! Even if you haven't booked with us and signed the contracts, we're happy to meet with you virtually or even buy you a cup of coffee for your time. Just contact us for more information and we'll set up a meeting!

Design Services

We offer custom designs, signage, cards, photo albums, and more! If there are any design needs you may have, we will create a custom design for anything you need and if you like the design we can discuss pricing options! We’ve made countless post cards, thank you note cards, name plates, and just about everything else under the hot Florida sun!

Editing Services

All the photos you recieve with your gallery are color corrected and light enhanced, but we understand that sometimes you want more out of your pictures! With over ten years of editing experience, the owner and lead photographer, Madi Copeland, has edited photos in every style and fixed just about everything that can go wrong in a photograph (including restorations of old photos!). If you receive your photos and decide you want a more artistic aesthetic or a would like full glamour edits (skin smoothing, make up enhancements, etc.,) we can do that for you for a small fee!

Other Vendors and Services

With all the contacts and resources we've gathered through the years we can help you find the right vendors for whatever you need (whether it's a venue for your session or even something as obscure as an woodwork artist to create custom props or signage for your wedding). 


Why We Love Weddings

To explain our commitment to weddings, here's what our owner has to say:

As a little girl that planned elaborate weddings for my Barbies (and G.I. Joe figures I stole from my brother- shh, don’t tell him) I believe every bride deserves the wedding of their dreams. This includes the wedding photographs too! I know that every budget is different, and each couple has different priorities of what they look for in a photographer.

My stumble into wedding photography was a complete accident, and when asked to photograph a wedding I was sure it would be a one and only experience. But from the minute I arrived at the chaotic venue, I knew I had found my true passion. The excitement, the nerves, the absolute energy that is palpable before, during, and after the wedding is like no other experience and I consider it the highest honor to be trusted to capture these moments. 

I think every love story is magical and deserves individual attention and personalized experiences. I fall in love with my couples and I like to think that it comes through in my photographs. I look forward to every photography session, but weddings give me a certain joy that I didn't know existed. I strive to be your right hand and an invaluable assett on the biggest day of your life and I will never take that opportunity for granted. I can't wait to work with you! - Madi

Custom Packages

We know weddings are expensive and believe that every bride deserves the photography package of their dreams. Since our prices are based on our years of experience, commitment to quality, and top tier service we also know sometimes our packages are out of reach for couples that want to use our services. 

We offer the ability to build a custom package that suits YOUR budget starting at $750. While we might not be able to offer you all the bells and whistles of some of our more elaborate packages, we can build you a custom quote simply by filling out (in detail) our wedding quote form found here

Guidance and Planning

With Anna Madison Photography you don’t just get a photographer (or two), you get a professional that offers a full-service experience. We walk my clients through every detail of the photography process from signing the contract, determining payment options, tips and tricks on how to prepare for photos, all the way to what you can expect on the day. After years of working with various vendors and venues, we can offer insight on all aspects of the big day.


With unlimited consultations, at any point we can schedule a consult and talk through any issues or concerns you might have (even if they’re not directly photography related).

We're here for you every step of the way and we want to be the best resource you've got!

Preparation and Personalization

We provide a detailed questionnaire once the contract is signed that can be filled out and updated as things change. This gives us all the details we need to make your dreams a reality! This also helps us (and you) make a list of all the can't-miss opportunities and helps us know what YOU want out of your photography experience. 

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